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Award as Hitachi Subcontractors On Safety On Riyadh Metro

Riyadh has experienced great progress in the expansion of its infrastructure through the construction of its modern subway system: one of the most significant projects. During a recent award ceremony on safety organized by Hitachi, one of the leading subcontractors, 2A Tech has been recognized for its efforts in promoting safety on the construction site. This prestigious recognition highlights the value of reliable partners like 2A Tech in the implementation of major infrastructure projects.

The award ceremony on Hitachi’s Riyadh metropolitan construction site

Safety has always been a key priority in the construction industry, especially when it comes to projects as large as the Riyadh Metro. During the award ceremony, Hitachi wanted to highlight 2A Tech’s significant contribution to ensuring a safe and secure working environment for everyone on the site. As a trusted subcontractor, 2A Tech proved exceptional dedication to complying with safety regulations and implemented preventive measures to minimize potential risks.

Safety first

2A Tech has embraced a holistic approach to worksite safety, by integrating the highest safety standards into its every operation. From constant staff training to specific standard operating procedures, the 2A Tech team has worked tirelessly to create a safe and healthy work environment for everyone. In addition, specific measures have been implemented to minimize accidents on the construction site, such as the use of cutting-edge safety equipment and strict compliance with safety guidelines.

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