Computer-based maintenance management of assemblies and installations

2A Tech’s solutions focus on several lines of business to provide significant benefits to clients. One of the key solutions is the application of GIMMI, an owned product developed by 2A Tech, which offers numerous benefits and applications.

GIMMI is an advanced technology platform that supports the management and monitoring of business activities in different sectors. Due to its versatility, GIMMI can be customized to fit the specific needs of each scenario and domain.

By implementing GIMMI, companies can streamline operational processes, improve efficiency, and increase productivity. GIMMI provides functionality for authorization management, monitoring of captured data as well as real-time information management. This allows companies to make more informed decisions, reduce risks, and ensure compliance with security and monitoring standards.

GIMMI-based solutions find application in various sectors, including transportation, automation, energy, oil & gas, and manufacturing. During the implementation as well as operation and production phase, GIMMI supports companies in optimizing processes and efficiently managing operations.

The solutions provided by 2A Tech, including the application of GIMMI, are designed to provide greater transparency, control and operational efficiency. The main goal is to provide customers with the tools that will enhance their business performance while ensuring regulatory compliance and process security.

Business lines

GIMMI’s business lines focus on the provision of solutions and services dedicated to the efficient and safe management of metropolitan vehicles and facilities, as well as construction management for expansion projects or new installations. These features support clients in achieving their goals while optimizing operations and ensuring compliance with regulations and timelines.


2A Tech’s application of GIMMI offers several significant benefits for companies including:

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Operational process

Management of vehicles in metropolitan systems, including operating ones and those under installation.


Coordination and supervision of work on metro and railway systems, both for new installations and extensions, while managing interactions with operating systems.

Management of city bus transportation in cities.

Management of tourist bus services in cities.

Regulation of drone flights for amateur and civilian use.

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) interface for facility monitoring and control. 

Coordination of integrated services at airports.


These current and potential applications prove the flexibility and extent of the solutions offered, spanning from the management of metropolitan vehicles to the regulation of drone flights and the interfacing of facilities via SCADA.

This versatility enables them to adapt to different clients’ needs and offer innovative and tailored solutions to improve efficiency and safety in various operational contexts.