Consulting & Engineering for Business Efficiency

About us

We are a company specializing in outsourcing activities for major works, offering comprehensive support to contracting companies in the field of driverless subways and other significant civil infrastructure. Our mission is to ensure efficient and safe project management while optimizing implementation timing.


Our industry expertise allows us to manage multiple activities simultaneously, including both systems and subsystems needed to create appropriate conditions.


In addition, we offer a maintenance service to ensure a smooth transition from the construction phase to the public works realization. Supported by an advanced customized IT tool, we can efficiently handle any possible scenario and provide timely status updates to our clients within 24 hours.


Our consultative approach begins with a preliminary meeting and on-site inspection to understand our clients’ specific needs and provide customized solutions to achieve their goals.


We are proud to be a trusted partner in the major construction industry, while guaranteeing reliability, professionalism, and a constant commitment to the success of our clients.

Our Vision

Responsibility is the driving force of our company, deeply rooted in every aspect of our lives. It is a value we have embraced with passion and awareness and is reflected in all our actions.


We want to be the trusted partner in building infrastructure that will create a sustainable future and a lasting legacy.

Our Mission

“Time is the most precious resource, it is up to us to value it and make it available to our clients.”


We optimize processes by making available resources in a centralized digitized system, a device for everyone to connect to the world of the working people: GIMMI


Innovation is the engine that drives us toward the future. We are a technology-driven company and are constantly searching for innovative solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Through a deep culture of innovation, we are committed to research and development in order to create cutting-edge products and services in the engineering and service industries.

We leverage new technologies and emerging trends to provide customized and high-quality solutions. Our team of experts is committed to exploring new horizons, pushing the boundaries of the ordinary and leading the way to new opportunities. We firmly believe that innovation is the basis for long-lasting success, and we are ready to drive change in the infrastructure landscape with our innovative mindset and passion for excellence.


We are committed to providing customized, cutting-edge solutions to face complex engineering and service industry challenges. Our experience and expertise allow us to fully understand our clients’ specific needs and deliver tailored solutions that exceed their expectations.

Through a wide range of services and multidisciplinary expertise, we are able to meet any challenge with determination and creativity. Our solution-oriented approach allows us to identify the best strategies and methods to optimize processes, improve efficiency and ensure quality results. We are a reliable and trusted partner for our clients, by offering innovative solutions that lead to the achievement of their projects. With attention to detail and passion for excellence, we are committed to finding the appropriate solutions to drive progress and lead to long-term success.


We are pioneers in the field of innovative technologies for engineering and services. We have a deep understanding of the most recent technological trends and developments, and we implement them to offer cutting-edge solutions to our clients. This expertise enables us to improve the efficiency, accuracy and quality of infrastructure processes. We are constantly exploring new opportunities to integrate cutting-edge technologies into our services, such as automation, artificial intelligence, digitization, and more.

Our solutions based on innovative technologies are designed to optimize operations, minimize costs, and improve productivity. With a constant focus on innovation, we are committed to leading the industry toward a technologically advanced future by offering solutions that meet the current and future needs of our clients.

Implemented projects

Vision, passion, timing and great projects