Control and management

22 November 2023

5:19 pm

The know-how of 2A Tech include management of live plants and infrastructure complexities, as well as coordination of activities aimed at minimizing risks arising from the use of plants during the testing and commissioning phases.

The TCO structure provides typical services for the construction of Metro, Tramway, Railway (AC/AV) infrastructure, and any complex site until the moment of delivery, such as:

  • Integrated coordination of activities using the work permit system
  • Commissioning tests from the central post – Train Dispatcher
  • Tests of the trolley traffic involved in the implementation of the activities, from the headquarters 
  • Local and remote control of the power supply service for operational management of ESSs
  • Vehicle tests with specialized personnel on the train (drivers)
  • Organization of the test vehicle workshop – vehicle handling
  • Tunnel transport logistics

The procedures proposed by TCO, which are customized to the worksite, contain all the processes necessary for the operational coordination of all activities and take into account the operational sequences required at this type of worksite, in case the phase of civil works and installations constantly overlaps with technological installation and testing operations.
The organizational model can provide the necessary guidance even at the stage of defining ongoing programs in case of time recovery.
The structure, composed of several centrally managed compartments, is responsible for scheduling activities based on the priorities defined by the client. It also ensures required safety standards by defining weekly schedules, along with the companies operationally involved in carrying out on-site activities.

The tools available to the TCO are accessible to the client on a 24-hour basis and ensure traceability of the entire procedures.