Integrated coordination of construction activities

22 November 2023

5:28 pm

The typical challenges of implementation require an organizational model adaptable to any process according to complexities and managed with an integrated coordination system.
The CTM structure can provide coordinating activities service while ensuring a high standard of safety and control within time and cost requirements.
Through access control, based on the work permit system, it is possible to ensure integrated supervisory control.

The CTM works for the resolution of the inevitable interferences that arise from overlapping activities: from site construction to plant integration testing, including the installation phases, and maintenance.

Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the time required to perform the activities and minimize it by allowing centrally managed overlap, while ensuring quality and safety standards.
The tools available to the CTM provide the traceability of all information and create a consultable database.

The data of the analysis will be useful during the implementation and maintenance process and subsequently to serve as information available for new implementations.

Clients are provided with a history of all activities for:

  • Optimizations
  • Monitoring of installed systems in terms of maintenance
  • Participation in new tenders during the bidding phase