22 November 2023

5:26 pm

Companies, production units, and all industrial complexes in general are radically evolving, driven by the pressure of increasingly fierce competition.

The primary goal is the production:

Increased production requires the acquisition of new machinery or improving and increasing the efficiency of the existing ones.
Efficiency improvement is closely related to maintenance. The success of any industrial plant production is achieved through the optimization of functions and interventions performed in order to ensure a continuous production process in the plant and prevent unplanned shutdowns or failures.
Elements that contribute to the maintenance process:

Stock materials:

The fear of not having products available at the appropriate time contributes to increase their quantities in storage, and this improper storage can lead to significant costs.
Therefore, it is necessary to perform the following analysis:

  • Usage timing
  • Quantity assessment and a market survey to reduce supply lead time
  • LIFO/FIFO technique implementation
  • Obsolescence


Inventories and large quantity require space for string. The warehouse, a significant site in the production reality requires:

  • Space optimization
  • Adequate layout planning
  • Arrangement of stocks according to their utilization
  • Monitoring and organization of stock to enable (if required) the complete automation of the warehouse


The fundamental part characterized by the majority of the costs requires:

  • Consistent use
  • Assessment of internal and/or external application and shifting
  • Adequate equipment

Integrated maintenance:

As a systems engineer, 2A Tech acts as a designer of the integrated maintenance system close to our clients, whose goal is the production of goods and/or services to co-build the maintenance process of their plant. We examine analytically each aspect of the activities to achieve the complete engineering of the system.